Download NBA2K17 for Windows Phone

Today we present NBA2K17, the new app of the most incredible game of basketball available now for Windows Phone. This is about the last techonology on the market of Apps about sports. You sholud have it on your smartphone because this is something unique, never seen before. Continue reading to know more about this incredible game and then download it really easy. Download NBA2K17 for Windows Phone.  NBA2K17 is the…Seguir leyendo

Download Super Mario Run for Windows Phone

Super Mario Run is the first official Mario game. Its a runner in wich you wilh have to help Mario and his friends to avoid different enemies and obstacles. Download Super Mario Run for Windows Phone. The game will combine games like Temple Run and the classic game mode of Mario Bros. Super Mario Run focuses on simplicity. The game can be played with just one hand and the controls…Seguir leyendo

Download Wow Companion App for Windows Phone

For this time, we are going to present Wow Companion App, a new way to play where we have to unlock demon hunters. In addition, several features were updated with many surprises and novelties. Download Wow Companion App for Windows Phone. Wow Legion Companion App offers a new form of game you get all kinds of demon hunters addition to the significant rapid rises of levels. Join the battle and get ready for…Seguir leyendo

Download for Windows Phone

We present, the new app launched for users of Windows Phone. It is about using your smartphone as a weapon in real time. You have to fight against your enemies in the street because it is a massively multiplayer shooter. The game is developed in real time and virtual reality. Continue reading to know more about this fantastic game and to find out how to download for Windows Phone. …Seguir leyendo


Download Bonk App for Windows Phone

We present Bonk for Android a new app created by Jimmy Fallon, in The Tonight Show. It is about an application for using incredible filters on your photos and videos. Download Bonk for Windows Phone. The filters are original and never before seen. You can enjoy the app with your friends and share them in the social networks. Continue reading to find out how to download this amazing app and have…Seguir leyendo

Download FastPokeMap for Windows Phone

With the release of Pokemon Go a lot of apps have been developed to help trainers catch their favorite Pokemon. One of the most recognized of those apps was PokeRadar, but now that the app is no longer available we are bringing to you its best succesor: FastPokeMap. Download FastPokeMap for Windows Phone. Keep reading this article and you will be informed about more details of this recently released app and…Seguir leyendo

Download FIFA 17 for Windows Phone

Today we brought to you one of the most expected games: FIFA 17. This futboll simulator game is the most recognized game in the world in his kind. Download FIFA 17 for Windows Phone. Every year a new game of FIFA is relesead and everyone is better than the previous one. In this article we will be talking about FIFA 2017 and how to download it for Android phones. We…Seguir leyendo

Download Pokémon Uranium for Windows Phone

A new excellent  version of Pokémon GO created and designed by a group of fans where players will find more than 150 Pokémon (all brand new) with the aim of achieving 10 medals every gym Tandor League is available. Download Uranium Pokémon for Windows Phone. Pokémon Uranium is based on super adventure where experienced coaches will encounter a sinister threat that caused nuclear disasters, and have the chance to find a…Seguir leyendo

Download Prisma for Windows Phones

Today we will present Prisma, the best tool to convert all your photos into a work of art recognized worldwide. The application is free and is based on filters that use neural network technology. Download Prisma for Windows Phones. Now with Prisma make works of art is much simpler. You can make what you want in a work of art known worldwide. The photos have been all the rage in…Seguir leyendo

Download Medal of Honor for Windows Phones

Medal of Honor is a spectacular shooter and adventure where you have to prove you’re as skilled with weapons, tactics and strategies. You will lead a large army to victory. Download Medal of Honor for Windows Phones. For this opportunity we offer this spectacular app Medal of Honor because it has generated records downloads in the official Android store. We recommend you to continue reading in the bottom of the…Seguir leyendo