Download Prisma for Windows Phones

Today we will present Prisma, the best tool to convert all your photos into a work of art recognized worldwide. The application is free and is based on filters that use neural network technology. Download Prisma for Windows Phones. Now with Prisma make works of art is much simpler. You can make what you want in a work of art known worldwide. The photos have been all the rage in…Seguir leyendo

Download Youtubers Life for Windows Phones

Youtubers Life is the ultimate life simulation videogame in which you can become the world’s greatest video blogger in history. Broadcast yourself, edit and publish videos, expand the amount of fans and turn yourself into a wealthy boy. Editing your own videos has never been so immersive! Improve your broadcasts as you become the best vlogger ever. The more viewers you reach the more popular you will be. Your fans will battle…Seguir leyendo

Download SimSimi for Windows Phones

Today we’re going to bring the new app of the moment, which has generated thousands of downloads and a fun atmosphere among all users. With Simsimi you will conduct a question and answer conversation where he will try to answer with the funniest answer you can imagine. You can teach words tell you about events and then play with all your friends. Download SimSimi for Windows Phones. You can not…Seguir leyendo

Download Miitomo for Windows Phone

Today we are going to present the first game of Nintendo, a spectacular game for mobile phones that aims to customize the avatar used in the Wii, Wii U consoles and 3DS portable to all players who use them to identify themselves in the teams. Download Miitomo for Windows Phone. It also has instant messaging capabilities among all users who have it, it is free and will have a freemium…Seguir leyendo


Download PES 2016 for Windows Phone

PES 2016 comes with all market developments offer a unique, balanced, authentic and exciting for all lovers of the saga of these amazing games football experience. Find best assurance in defense, midfield and up front. Download PES2016 for Windows Phone. The most important innovation brings this game is the incorporation of women’s national teams. You will have to choose between 12 teams and compete in: on Match Day, an Offline…Seguir leyendo

Download Facebook Reactions for Windows Phone

The worlwide known company Facebook has launched a new app called Reactions in wich the users will be able to express a lot of emotions like: love, sad, like, wow , angry, and other feelings. From now on you will not only have the like botton, but a lot of options to choose.  Keep reading this article and you will find a link to download Facebook Reactions. The succsesfull company…Seguir leyendo

Download MSQRD for Windows Phone

Masquerade or MSQRD as its original name, it is a fun application for Windows Phone that allows you to apply filters or masks to your face in real time. Change of face for a few seconds is now possible thanks to this great application that allows users to put a mask on your face and pretend to be another. To use it you have to download it and then you…Seguir leyendo

Download Fallout Shelter for Windows Phone

Today we present you a very famous game to download in your Windows Phone that you must not lose. It name is Fallout Shelter and it is incredible, you will really enjoy it. The game is really entertaining, it is located in a post apocalyptic time and in a very incredible atmosphere. You have to prove it. Continue reading to find out how to download Fallout Shelter in your Windows…Seguir leyendo

Download Square Quick for Windows Phone

Today we give you the opportunity to have Square Quick in you Windows Phone. It is the most incredible app to edit your pictures, photos and videos. You can edit the photos like a professional and enjoy doing amazings desings. It is very easy to use so even a child or an adult can handle it. Square Quick is one of the most discharged apps in this moment. Continue reading…Seguir leyendo

Download Geometry Dash for Windows Phone

Today we propouse you an espectacular game that you must have in your Windows Phone. It name is Geometry Dash and it is really funny and enjoyable. The main objectives are fly and jump. It is an action game. You have to demostrate your skills and strategies to avoid obstacles that are going to appear at the screen. It is very simple but you will be entreteined. Continue reading to…Seguir leyendo