Download PPSSPP for Windows Phone

On this opportunity we present the last innovative App, this is about PPSSPP and now is available for Windows Phone. If you do not know, this is about the first play station emulator, it means that you will have the possibilty of play Play Station games through your Windows Phone Smarthone. Continue reading about this fantastic novelty and download the App at the end of this post. Download PPSSPP for…Seguir leyendo

Download HABOO Hotel for Windows Phone

On this opportunity we present HABBO Hotel, the last App available for Windows Phone. This is a about a new social network launched especially for children and teenagers of all ages. The novelty is that it is not an usual prototype of a social network. The chats are developed in a hotel. Continue reading to know more about this incredible new sensation and download it at the end of this post….Seguir leyendo