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Download Antivirus for Windows Phone

With no doubt,  with the success of mobile devices, also appeared vulnerabilities and with the development of useful applications, the malware development also improve to exploit these vulnerabilities. That is why it became necessary and indispensable to have an Antivirus for phones and avoid taking risks that could violate your privacy or return your phone unusable. We give a list of the best Antivirus for Windows Phone that exist at this time.

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The question of whether to use Antivirus on Windows Phones is frequently asked. My answer to that question is yes, you really need to have antivirus to protect your phone against the countless downloads and exposures that your smartphone has every day. So I’ll tell you what are the best antivirus available nowadays. Let’s start:

  • ESET Mobile Security: The heuristics engine of NOD32 is already well known and in fact was awarded for its high efficiency not only detect malicious software but also for its low false positive. The most interesting is that it occupies little space and processing goes almost unnoticed. Another novelty is the distinguish advanced anti-theft feature that protects you and retrieve your information in case of being stolen.
  • AVG Antivirus: With its great success on Android, it is positioned as the most downloaded and most famous antivirus app to keep this mobile operating system safe. It uses a function to try to protect your device: SafeSearch, which protects us from viruses, malware, spyware and harmful text messages and helps protect our personal information. Although it takes more processing that ESET, it is a bit more complete.
  • Avast Free Mobile SecurityApart from getting first class protection against hackers, you also will be protected against loss of privacy and identity theft. Its Premuim version brings very interesting functions such as a geographical demarcation perimeter where you could find your smartphone, device lock and taking pictures of thieves, and checking applications that use advertisements.

These are the antivirus for your phone Windows Phone you should try to keep you safer when nevegues or download. I recommend you also read this article where I’ll tell you about a famous tool that will allow you to improve the performance of your Windows Phone.

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