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Download FastPokeMap for Windows Phone

With the release of Pokemon Go a lot of apps have been developed to help trainers catch their favorite Pokemon. One of the most recognized of those apps was PokeRadar, but now that the app is no longer available we are bringing to you its best succesor: FastPokeMapDownload FastPokeMap for Windows Phone.

fastpokemap android

Keep reading this article and you will be informed about more details of this recently released app and how to download FastPokeMap for Windows Phone.

If you dont want to walk around all your city to find that special Pokemon download FastPokeMap for Nokia to see in wich areas are each Pokemon. We recommend you to download this app if you play Pokemon Go and share it with your friends. FastPokeMap for Windows Phone.

With FastPokeMap its easier to play Pokemon Go. The app will show you a map of the are around you with the nest of pokemons that are available to catch. Each pokemon will have a timer in its head meaning the time that pokemon will stay in that area.

You can ask the app for a certain pokemon and FastPokeMap will show you where it is. This is an essential tool for all those players of Pokemon Go that want to catch em all. Download Fast Poke Map and find that pokemon you want.

Download FastPokeMap for Windows Phone

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