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Download Father.io for Windows Phone

We present Father.io, the new app launched for users of Windows Phone. It is about using your smartphone as a weapon in real time. You have to fight against your enemies in the street because it is a massively multiplayer shooter. The game is developed in real time and virtual reality. Continue reading to know more about this fantastic game and to find out how to download Father.io for Windows Phone. 

Download Father.io for Windows Phone

Father.io provides you a particular atmosphere. It seems a bit difficult to imagine that your mobile phone is a weapon, but once you start playing ot, you can not stop. You are going to love the experience of shooting your phisical enemies in real time. There are a lot of places in each city to play it, usally they are outdoor spaces so you have the enoguh space to do your performance. Download Father.io app for Nokia. 

You can play it in gruups or alone, is the same, you have to find the way you like more. Apart of your smartphone, you will need a little interceptor to locate your enemies and shoot at them. Do not lose the opportunity to play this unique game! Download Father.io app. 

On the link below, we are going to let the link to download this game in a very simple way. You only have to make a click and the discharge begins quickly and safely. Enjoy your free times with Father.io!

Download Father.io for Windos Phone

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