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Download MadLipz for Windows Phone

On this opportunity we present the new App available for Windows Phone. This is about MadLipz, “the most crazy App in the market”.  This is about a spectacular tool that will allow you to duplicate your voice through a short video clip for a spectacular parody. You have to be really nerve to make the best parodies and share them with your family and friends. Continue reading to know more about how this App works and download it at the end of this post. Download MadLipz for Windows Phone.

MadLipz is a spectacular App to have fun with all your friends. How it works? As a first step you must choose a video clip from the MadLipz library. Then start recording the video so you get the best parody of all time. It is really simple, you can not go wrong. Tha App also gives you the possibility to share the parody through any social network like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or even Whatsapp (among others). What are you waiting for? Download MadLipz for Nokia. 

The App presents diferents videos of famous singers among which you can choose the onces you prefer. There are more than 100 videos and are constantly being added more. What are you waiting for? Download MadLipz for Windows Phone.

Making a click on the link below, you can download it easily, quickly and safely, do not lose the opportunity.

Download MadLipz for Windows Phone

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