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Download Memoji for Windows Phone

On this opportunity we present Memoji, the new App available for Windows Phone that you will want to have in your smartphone. This is about an App with which you can take a photo and choose from 11 emoticons in which you want to become. Continue reading to know more about this fantastic App and download it at the end of this post. Download Memoji  for Windows Phone.

The application works as follows: after a brief analysis of our face, it will slightly deform (mouth, lips, eyes, nose, etc) to adapt to the emoticon in question and reproduce it in a GIF. This App, in the hands of the most creative, can be a factory of laughter, as it works with any face, also with those of the dollar bills or the mona Lisa. Download Memoji for Nokia.

Do you want to throw a kiss to someone dear? Get ready to see your deformed mouth as your kiss in the air becomes a beautiful heart. You’re angry? Choose that smiley and you will see smoke coming out of your nose in a few seconds. Download Memoji for Windows Phone.

We are going to leave you the link to download this incredible App easily, quickly and safely. Do not lose the opportunity.

Download Memoji for Windows Phone

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