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Download MSQRD for Windows Phone

Masquerade or MSQRD as its original name, it is a fun application for Windows Phone that allows you to apply filters or masks to your face in real time. Change of face for a few seconds is now possible thanks to this great application that allows users to put a mask on your face and pretend to be another.

msqrd for windows phone

To use it you have to download it and then you can take pictures as well as record videos and then upload them to social networks. Have fun with this great application on your Nokia Lumia.

Stay Read on and you’ll find out in more detail what this major release is and how to download Masquerade for Windows Phone.

If you are active in Snapchat you will meet new filters that fit our face as a mask and we follow the movements. Well, this same but taken to a new level is what provides the app MSQRD, which as its name suggests (Masquerade), serves as a “mask”.

If you need to learn how to take pictures, tutorials, tips or any other application information we recommend you visit the following site: MSQRD. In this articule we will teach you have to download apk MSQRD.

The main attraction is melting MSQRD other side with it so as to detect the mouth and set to the time we open. The face tracking in general is really good. If you’ve ever dreamed of having that face so characteristic of Darth Maul in Star Wars, you now have the opportunity to see how you would thank MSQRD. In the last update we have available Snoop Dogg’s face, that of Leonardo DiCaprio and the Joker among many others.

Download Masquerade for Windows Phone

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    Great post on msqrd for windows phone

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