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Download Sbi Buddy for Windows Phone

On this opportunity we present Sbi Buddy, the new App that has revolutionized the shopping’s world, now available for Windows Phone. This is about the first Indian Mobile Wallet in 13 different languages. Something really practice and easy to use. Continue reading to know more about this incredible App and download it easily and safely to use it. Download Sbi Buddy for Windows Phone.


There are different things you can do with Sbi Buddy that will simplify your life.  You are going to be able to send money to registered and new users as well as ask for money and send reminders to settle dues, transfer additional cash into an account of your choice free of cost, or recharge and pay bills instantly. This is something incredible, is not it? Download Sbi Buddy for Nokia.

Moreover, with this App you can shop online and book movies, hotels, rent cars, and book flights. It is like a virtual wallet, really safely and with little responsibility. What are you waiting for? Download Sbi Buddy for Windows Phone.

We are going to leave you the link below to download Sbi Buddy quickly on your Windows Phone Smartphone and to start to use it right now. Do not lose the opportunity, we recommend it for you.

Download Sbi Budy for Windows Phone

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