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Download Word Flow Keyboard for Windows Phones

Word Flow Keyboard Windows Phones is a new way to write in touchscreen phones. It is very simple and fast to write long phrases and text. With Word Flow Nokia you will be able to write any text with only one finger, its really simple and comfortable. Forget the old way of writing and download Word Flow Keyboard Windows Phones.

This app its been downloaded by millions of people and everyone is loving it. We recommend you to try it and share it with your friends.

Keep reading this article and you will be informed about more details of this recently released app and how to download Word Flow Keyboard for Windows Phones.

word flow keyboard android

With Word Flow Windows Phones you will be able to write with only one finger. You just have to touch the first letter of a word and then slide your finger for the next letter of the word.

When the word is complete lift your finger from the screen and the word will be written. Then touch another letter and keep doing the same thing. The spaces between words will be generated automatically. Word Flow Keyboard Nokia also have a lot of skins for your keyboard, including an arc mode, that curves the entire keyboard to write in Flow mode easily.

Download Word Flow Keyboard for Windows Phones

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